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New Year New Resolution to loose weight. I have gather together a few deals to get you started from a Free gym trial pass at 24 hrs Fitness check for locations. 

This year, you can be a star in your own Success Story. Every day, women who thought they couldn't get fit find out that they can at Curves. Burn up to 500 calories with our 30-minute workout, which combines strength training and cardio for a workout that works your entire body, from head to toe. It works every major muscle group and gives you results that last. Now's the time to take the first step toward YOUR success. 

Get started today for only $10.* * New guests only. Offer not based on any enrollment. Not valid with any other offer. Some restrictions may apply. Valid only at participating locations in the US and Canada through 2/18/12. ©2012 Curves International, Inc. CURVES get started today.

You must have a great meal plan to be 100% successful with your weight lost. 

Food on the Table is an easy meal planning service that is based on sales at local grocery stores. With Food on the Table, users will be able to: - find thousands of easy, healthy recipes - save money by knowing the items that are on sale - simplify your shopping experience with a well organized grocery list. It's free if you do 3 meals of less a week, for more than 3 meals a week and more recipes, the member can upgrade to the premium version for a low introductory rate of $5/month. click on the banner for additional information. 

Don't let certain diet restriction stop you.  If you are diabetic, you can get a Free 28 day Diabetic meal plan. 
If Arthritis is getting you down from working out. Receive an Arthritis Guide booklet FREE! We want to help you live better by taking control of your arthritis. This exclusive guide is our gift to you for joining the Arthritis Connect online support community. Learn about: 

Knee Pain Relief
Healthy Eating Tips for Arthritic Inflammation
Exercise Management Tips
Symptoms and Treatments
Not sure how to trainer or what to do , well checkout the biggest loser trainer. 
Deals Working out are you?

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